Friday, May 19, 2017

Big Bang Theory

I saw the following exchange on this video.

The Ferryman

people who "believe" in the big bang??? What the actual fuck.....America I weep for your educational system....

Jesse Lioce

The Ferryman the real problem in that case is religion and creationism.

The Ferryman

which should be fought against with the educational system...

I replied to the second comment with something like:

+Jesse Lioce Not all religion, however. It was Georges LemaƮtre, a Belgian Catholic priest, who originated the theory. Not the name for the theory, though. That came from Fred Hoyle, an atheist, who coined the phrase to mock the theory.

The video is a long one, so I only watched the first half. When I returned a couple days later to watch the second half, I noticed that my comment was missing. I added the above comment and verified that it was successfully posted to Youtube. Will check back in a day or two to see whether the comment is still there.