Sunday, November 22, 2015

Father Wylie

After being expelled from the U.S., Fr. Wylie was assigned to the southern Johannesburg parish Our Lady of Mount Carmel Thokoza. (7701 Goele St. Thokoza, phone: 27119052603)

This past January, Fr. Wylie was temporarily assigned to help at St Blaize parish in Mossel Bay, partly so he can help his parents in Knysna who both have serious health difficulties.

As a Catholic in Johannesburg I don't think any of you have the slightest idea what a parish in Thokoza is like!!!!! Let's just say I wouldn't post my worst enemy there. Thokoza is a poor ... and I mean African poor not US poor! Despite having some quite large affluent and educated parishes in the diocese where we are struggling to retain cradle Catholics and convert new adults and where Fr Justin could be of immense use he has been posted to Tokoza.?!!?!? South African Catholics are vastly different to 1st world Catholics, firstly we only make up 7% of the population so we have no political muscle, secondly we don't have any "traditionalist" catholic movements, thirdly apartheid did an excellent job of destroying families and what was left was leveled by our "liberal" constitution ... Here you can marry a man or woman or more than one of both if you want too!! Our issues are real... Poverty, Crime, Corruption, Abuse, Rape, Murder, Slavery, Hopelessness not Gay Marriage or Women Priests! Let's just say in Fr Justin's parish maby 30% speak English... Of a very basic level... So most of Fr Justin's excellent homilies are going to be wasted! The entire weekend collection will be $10 ... Not surprising since there is 80% unemployment with effectively zero social services. Drugs and HIV is rampant, oh and since the last priests house has been looted a new one will need to be built! But don't worry because in the last 5 years or so at least 3 priests have been murdered in cold blood in the townships! Yet not once has Fr Justin not gone daily to administer the sacraments! So all I can say to all you US catholics of liberal or traditionalist flavours is a) thanks for sending Fr Justin back we will look after him but in future please keep your petty squabbles to your own diocese b) you should all be ashamed of yourselves for worrying about theological debates based on your first world egos and "needs" rather than focussing on acting like true followers of Christ and helping those in need!
October 19, 2014 at 6:23 PM